25,000 launches!
Enter an illusion dream space where fireworks launches are synchronized with music!
This year we’re also introducing a huge water fountain show with a height of 30m and a total length of 150m, held in connection with the water capital Osaka!

Senshu Hanabi
Senshu Hanabi
Senshu Hanabi

Please use public transportation when you come to the venue! Please do not park in the street, or intrude on the parking spaces in the surrounding facilities (Aeon Mall, Ks Denki, Shinsennan Hospital etc).
Customers arriving by train: The nearest station, Nankai Tarui Station, is expected to be very crowded. Customers using IC tickets are requested to cooperate in reducing congestion, e.g. by completing cash charges in advance at the boarding station.


Time: 20:00 to 21:00 (scheduled) *Only cancelled in case of stormy weather



Dream Fireworks of light and sound at SENSHU(near Kansai Airport)by exclusive car Standing seat Dream Fireworks of light and sound at SENSHU(near Kansai Airport)

1 person
¥ 2,000 (tax included)

From Kansai Airpot Dream Fireworks of light and sound at SENSHU(near Kansai Airport) to Nanba With a pick-up service From Kansai Airpot Dream Fireworks of light and sound at SENSHU(near Kansai Airport) to Nanba With a pick-up service)

1 person
¥ 9,800 (tax included)

Dream Fireworks of light and sound at SENSHU(near Kansai Airport) Dream Fireworks of light and sound at SENSHU(near Kansai Airport)

1 person
¥ 12,800 (tax included)

Dream Fireworks of light and sound at SENSHU(near Kansai Airport)by exclusive car Dream Fireworks of light and sound at SENSHU(near Kansai Airport)by exclusive car

1 person
¥ 30,000 (tax included)



Will the fireworks be launched on both days?

Yes. Last year we launched a total of 20,000 pieces of fireworks. This year we’re aiming for 25,000!

From what time can you enter? Also from what time is the fireworks launched?

Guests with tickets for the Standing Side View area can enter from 17:00. For other types, admission is from 19:00. It is expected to be crowded, so we recommend that you come ahead of time.

Can you watch fireworks for free?

You cannot enter the venue for free. If you want to enjoy the fusion of music, fireworks and fountains at a close distance, you need a ticket ticket.

Can't I see the fireworks without buying a paid seat?

It is possible to view the fireworks, but you might not be able to hear the music, depending on wind conditions.

Do you have same-day tickets?

Yes, there is a same-day ticket. However, if the advance tickets have sold out, tickets will not be sold at the venue. An announcement regarding the availability of same-day tickets will be made on the day of event via official channels. (https://twitter.com/senshuhanabi)

Are there any food stalls inside the venue?

No, not inside the venue. Please visit Niku Fes which is held simultaneously in connection to the venue.

Can I bring in food and drink?

Food and drink are prohibited.

I would like to bring a child, but are there any age restrictions?

There is no age limit in the Niku Fes area. The paid viewing area (the MUSIC CIRCUS’19 venue) is restricted to 6 years old or older. Preschool children (under 6 years old) cannot enter even accompanied by guardians.

I purchased a ticket by mistake. Can I change it?

There is no exchange or refund of tickets under any circumstances.

Is it okay to take my pet with me?

Pets are not allowed inside the venue. *Does not include guide dogs and service dogs

Can I smoke?

The venue is non-smoking, except for the designated smoking area.

Is there a parking lot?

For inquiries about paid parking lot, please contact → t_l_c_jp@yahoo.co.jp (Te L Shi Co., Ltd. 10: 00-18: 00)

Where is the nearest station?

Nankai Main Line Tarui Station is the nearest station.

Can I bring in my seat or leisure seat?

No. Seats or chairs cannot be brought into the venue.

Can I re-enter?

Yes. You can move freely between the venue and the Niku Fes area.

How many rows of paid seats will be prepared on the beach?

Seats will be prepared, but how many will depend on the wind and wave conditions on the day.

Are there any discounts for disabled people?

There are not. Please purchase the same ticket as the general public. The same goes for companions and attendants.

Where are the disabled areas located?

The location and layout of accessible areas will depend on the wind conditions on the day, so we cannot answer in advance.

Under what circumstances would the event be cancelled?

In the case of bad weather such as strong winds, heavy rains, or typhoons, the event may be cancelled. If there is only a light rain, the event will proceed as planned.

In the case of cancellation, when will it be announced?

We will announce it on the day of the event.

Are there any traffic restrictions?

There are not. However, we recommend visiting by train.


<Regarding Cancellation and Time Changes>

The event will not change for rainy weather, but will be canceled (not postponed) in case of storm weather. The use of an umbrella within the venue is a nuisance to surrounding customers and is therefore prohibited. We recommend that you prepare rain gear (e.g. rain coat or poncho) in advance.

The start time may be changed depending on the weather and other circumstances.

<Regarding Age Restriction and Age Confirmation>

Visitors who wish to drink or smoke must bring a valid photo ID.

There is no age limit in the Niku Fes area. The paid viewing area (MUSIC CIRCUS '19 venue) has a minimum age of 6 years. Preschool children (under 6 years old) will not be allowed to enter even accompanied by guardians.

<Regarding Paid Tickets>

If the event is held, refunds will not be made under any circumstances.

We cannot exchange tickets with other venues.

<Code of Conduct>

There is no smoking in the venue. Please use the designated smoking areas.

Littering is strictly prohibited. Please separate your trash, and dispose of it in the designated trash cans.

The venue and the area around Nankai Tarui Station are very crowded. Please remain calm and act according to the instruction of the staff to prevent accidents. After the fireworks display, please follow the instructions of the staff.

Bringing food and drink into the venue is strictly prohibited.

Bringing tents, umbrellas, leisure seats, tables, chairs, etc. into the venue is strictly prohibited.

Visitors are not allowed to bring their own speakers inside the venue.

Visitors may not place items on the ground to reserve a spot. Any such item found will be confiscated by staff. Please be aware in advance.

The operation of drones and other unmanned flying vehicles inside or near the venue is strictly prohibited.

Do not enter the restricted areas around the venue as they can be very dangerous.

Please do not make loud noises or engage in behavior that would bother other people. If caught, the organizers reserve the right to expel you from the venue.

Organizers, performers and the venue are not responsible for any accidents or thefts that occur inside or outside the venue. Please be careful.

Pets will not be admitted to the venue. *Does not include guide dogs, service dogs and hearing dogs.

Please refrain from bringing in a stroller as the venue is very crowded.

Marking with gum tape or chalk spray is prohibited on roads and in parks. Additionally, reserving places in advance is also prohibited. Any such attempts will be removed by staff if discovered.

The selling of food and drink, or products on public roads or in parks near the venue is not possible. There is no system for application or permission.

Public toilets and temporary toilets are very busy. Temporary toilets are set up in various places, but they are very crowded. It is recommended to use public toilets prior to coming to the venue.


There is no place to store large luggage or carry cases inside the venue.

Note that during the fireworks launch, depending on the direction and strength of the wind, burned debris and shells may fall. Take proper precautions.

Please be aware that videos and photos of the venue including the audience may be publicly released.

<Regarding Admission for Disabled People>

As a general rule, the space for people with disabilities is restricted to people bound to a wheelchair or people who have a disability certificate. Due to the structure of the venue, it may not always be possible to prepare sufficient access for people with disabilities. Please call us before purchasing a ticket.

Those who accompany you as a companion or attendant will also need a ticket. In principle, people with disabilities will be helped by their attendants, and our role will be limited to preparing the space. In addition, the location of the designated space may vary according to the situation on the day of the event, so we cannot give detailed instructions in advance.

There is no dedicated parking or drop-off location for wheelchair-bound visitors.

<Children’s Area>

There is no designated children’s area inside the venue. If you should be separated inside the venue, we are unable to make announcements over the loudspeakers, so please keep an eye on your children at all times.

<Medical Assistance>

A medical station will be prepared inside the venue, and nurses will be on staff. However, equipment and treatment will be limited to first aid, so in case of emergencies, an ambulance will be called for transfer to a nearby hospital. Pregnant women may enter the venue, but specialist doctors will not be present. Additionally, in the case of symptoms of chronic diseases, treatment will not be available. Please make the decision to attend the festival after consultation with your family and your doctor.